June 2017 Favorites

I just read over my May 2017 Favorites post and I feel the same way I do writing my favorites post for June. Where did the time go?! Not only that but it has been six months since Mark and I have moved to Montana. Insane! I remember dreading the cold winter here and now we are in July and winter seems like it was forever ago!

For my June favorites it is going to be short and sweet! I realized I have been loving and sticking to a lot of the products I mentioned in my last favorites post but have seem to become obsessed with some new products as well! As always, what I share with you all is what I use myself and it is what i love! I wouldn’t want to share products if they weren’t something I didn’t use!

June 2017 Favorites


Organic popcorn. (I get mine at my local grocery store) Popcorn is my absolute FAVORITE snack of all time. Since have Celiac disease limits what I eat this is the perfect snack! And it’s pretty healthy too! I can’t eat microwave popcorn due to possible gluten contamination (besides bagged popcorn isn’t the best for ya!) so I take a few extra minutes to make my own! Mark loves it too, so win win! My favorite way to eat it is to pop it in avocado oil and drizzle a little vegan butter or ghee over it with some sea salt!

Philosophie superfood coconut butters. I’m sure a lot of you have probably heard or seen these before because they are definitely trendy but also so so yummy! At first I actually didn’t like them at all, really. Soon enough I found ways to incorporate them into the foods I eat to add an extra boost of energy and superfoods. I love adding some to my tea each morning and my fiancé loves eating it as peanut butter with a banana!

Fresh mango salsa. I LOVE chips and salsa but recently I have been reaching for fresh salsa with some type of tropical fruit! I have gone through about 2 containers of this mango salsa in the last month and I am officially obsessed. Not only is it fresh but it adds a nice sweet taste to the salty tortilla chip.

Goat cheese. OH MY GOODNESS. My latest addiction, obsession, and love is goat cheese. I started getting it on my pizza a little while back (I can’t eat cow’s milk) and now I eat it with everything. Aside from pizza I put it on my breakfast sandwiches as well as seed crackers!


Walking. Hear me out. I started going for walks every morning with our pup and it has made my morning routine so much better (and fun)!!! Depending on what I have to do that day I take a walk anywhere between 20-45 minutes around my neighborhood. It is part of my morning routine and digital detox. I definitely recommend it if you are looking to start a fitness journey or even if you’re in a bad mood, it changes everything!


Hubble contact subscription. Anyone else hate wearing contacts but also don’t always want to wear glasses?! Well that is ME. I love wearing contacts but after several hours of wearing them my eyes begin to hurt. Not only that but I was using the same pair everyday for a month and they get expensive! Hubble is a monthly contact subscription that delivers your contacts right to your doorstep! And what’s amazing about them is they are one time use contacts and you get a 30 day supply for only $30 a month! I like them because I am always opening up a new pair of contacts in the morning.


Reiki. You guys have heard me talk about Reiki a lot recently and you should know by now how much I love it! In the last few months I have been really tapping into my spiritual side and reiki has been a great way to strengthen my spirit junkie habits. I wrote all about my Reiki experience here.


Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)!



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