My First Reiki Experience

Within this last year I have been really tapping into my spiritual side and absolutely loving it! The Universe works in such an amazingly wonderful ways and I am all about learning how I can tap into that energy. I’m not going to get into that part of my life right now (I will save it for another day), but today I am sharing something in the same realm. That is my experience with Reiki.

This post is long over due, my first experience was close to a month ago, but I needed some time to sit back and truly reflect on my feelings and energy toward it all. This post may not be for everyone and may seem a little ‘woo woo’ but I am not here to impress everyone, just share my life journey in the wellness world.

Reiki is a holistic healing technique that uses the power of touch to channel energy into a person’s body. This activates the natural healing process of the individual to restore physical and emotional health and well-being. Reiki is a Japanese technique and is becoming more and more popular.

You all know I am all about that natural healing and holistic lifestyle so Reiki intrigued me right off the bat. I did a little research on it but never actually sought it out. About a month and a half ago I was doing a reading with my oracle cards and the one I pulled read “energy work”. My first thought was “I live in Great Falls, Montana, where I am going to find an expert on energy work!” Lo and behold, a co-worker of mine just opened her very own Reiki practice! (Thank you, Universe). I immediately scheduled my first appointment.

In the beginning I was super excited and also a little bit nervous. When I got to my appointment, Holly, my Reiki practitioner explained the process and how it all worked. I laid on a massage table, first on my back, while I cut cords with everyone in my life. This detached my emotions and energy from their emotions and energy. (Most of the time we are feeling a certain way not because something is wrong with us but because we picked up someone else’s energy. Having other’s energies attached to us can cause energy blockages, etc, hence why the Reiki). And before I knew it, it was literally like a cord was cut. She began at my head, working her way down to my feet, using crystals and all. I was pretty nervous and unsure when she first began but soon enough I fell into what seemed like a deep meditation. It was like I was asleep but I was completely aware of what was going on around me. It was right there that I had my first out of body experience. However, at the time I had no idea until Holly explained it to me afterwards. Once she finished my front side, I rolled over onto my stomach and she repeated it on my other side. This time I was way more relaxed and again, had my second out of body experience! MAGICAL.

The whole session lasted about an hour. When it was all said and done it took me about a good hour to come back to my normal self. (And I say that as in like I just woke up from a cat nap). I felt much, much lighter and kind of empty of any previous thoughts or emotions (but in the BEST way possible). Holly shared with me that she sensed no bad energy in my body and that I wasn’t holding onto any un-wanted energy inside of me. (SIGH OF RELIEF). But really. I have anxiety so naturally I feel like I am always holding onto something. Like I said though, I have truly been working on my spiritual part of myself.

After my session, I thought it would be a good idea to go to a crystal shop with my friend. Well, that was a mistake on my part. Then again, how was I suppose to know! Lol. Crystals have A LOT of energy stored in them, and I was already pretty drained from my Reiki session. The rest of the night I went home to just chill the F out!

All in all, my first Reiki experience was amazing and really opening. I didn’t really know what to expect my first time so I probably could have planned and prepped a little better but overall I have no negative things to say about it! I think next time I will prepare a few days before my session and make sure I have nothing planned afterwards. (Blog post on how to prepare for a Reiki session, anyone?!?!)


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