Toxic Free Cleaning

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Toxic Free Cleaning

Today I am SO excited to be sharing with you guys my TOXIC FREE CLEANING PRODUCTS! I have been waiting to share this for so long and the day has finally come! (Yay!) I don’t have to say it cause you should already know, but I will anyways, becoming toxic free has been life changing. It is something that makes me question how I ever lived with so many chemicals and toxins surrounding me. Cleaning products are one of the most chemical filled items in our households and just eliminating them can make all the difference. So read on to find out how you can clean toxic free, too!

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All Purpose Cleaner

Amber glass spray bottle

White vinegar

Thieves cleaner

Citrus Fresh essential oil


Add 1 capful of Thieves cleaner to your bottle. Fill the bottle 1/4 of the way with vinegar, use water to fill the rest. Add in 5-10 drops of Citrus Fresh essential oil.

When I say ‘all purpose’ I really mean ALLLLL purpose! I use the Thieves line from Young Living to keep my home sparkling clean and free of chemicals. This cleaner is truly the holy grail of all cleaners. It acts as a disinfecting spray for counters, tables, sinks, bathrooms, showers, literally EVERYTHING. You can also use this to clean your windows, glass, and mirrors! I love it because it not only eliminated the chemicals and toxins I was using but it also took away all of the clutter underneath my sink. AND one capful makes one full bottle of cleaner.

I like to add distilled white vinegar and 5-10 drops of Citrus Fresh essential oil from Young Living, but Thieves cleaner diluted with water is perfectly fine too.

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Post Shower Spray

Amber glass spray bottle

Thieves essential oil

Peppermint essential oil


Fill your bottle with 10 drops of Thieves essential oil, 5 drops of Peppermint essential oil, and water. Shake before each use. Spray all over shower.

This has become a recent favorite of mine! We all know getting around to cleaning our homes doesn’t always happen when we plan but this shower refresher literally saves me from having to scrub my shower weekly! I simply keep the bottle in my shower and each time after I’m done getting squeaky clean, I spray this all over my shower. Not only does it keep my shower extra clean it smells amazing too!

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Thieves All Purpose Wipes

Large mason jar

Thieves cleaner

Coffee filters


Fill your mason jar with about 1/2 of a capful of Thieves cleaner and about a 1/2-1 inch of water. Place coffee filters in the jar and let soak. Use as sanitizing ‘wipes’.

Talk about convenient! These are cheap, easy to make, chemical free, and work just like the All Purpose Cleaner!

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Room Spray

Amber glass spray bottle

Witch hazel


Purification essential oil

Your favorite essential oil

Fill your spray bottle about 1/4 of the way with witch hazel. Add in 15-30 drops of Purification essential oil and 5-10 drops of your other essential oil of choice. Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Shake spray on furniture, curtains, pet beds and toys, bedding, or just in the air.

Goodbye Febreeze, hello chemical free air freshener! I LOVE using this after cleaning my house to give it an extra boost of freshness or even after a smelly meal. It makes my house and everything in it smell amazing!


*BONUS TIP* I love using baking soda with my All Purpose Cleaner to scrub my shower, sinks, and toilet to give it an extra clean!


BOOM. There ya have it. All of my cleaning secrets, tips, tricks, and products. I love me a nice clean home and it is even better when there’s no inhaling the harmful chemicals! Win, win if I do say so myself.


*DISCLAIMER* Essential oils do not treat, prevent, cure, or heal any illnesses and you shouldn’t use them in replace of a prescribed medication. Always talk with your physician before using essential oils.

*If you are interested in purchasing any essential oils shown in my favorites please visit the Essential Oils tab and contact me directly.


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