Meditation Teacher Training – Week 1

I cannot believe it has been 1 week since I started my journey toward becoming a Meditation Teacher. By the time I post this and you begin to read it, it’ll already be almost 2 weeks since I began. Either way I wanted to take some time and reflect on it. I have also received many many questions around the subject so I wanted to share this reflection with ya’ll!

Although it has only been just a few days, it also feels like a lifetime ago. I have learned SO much already that it seems like I have been doing this for months. When I first decided to embark on this journey I had only a glimpse into what it would be like. I knew what my own meditation practice looked like and I knew what it was and the many benefits of it, but I did not know all the amazing wonders of it! Once I registered, I eagerly awaited the first day, chatting my finance’s ear off about how excited I was. And well, soon enough June 1st rolled around and I was officially starting my journey. Since day 1 it has just been so surreal and I don’t see that feeling going away anytime soon.

Starting with just the Orientation and Prep classes, I was immediately inspired and soaked in every word the teacher was saying. Literally, I wrote everything down. I took the pre class assessment, passed, and then was on my way. I remember thinking to myself on the first day of training, “wow if I learned THAT much just in Orientation and Prep, I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn once class starts”. And each day I am continuously in awe, inspired, and motivated to share this passion of mine. I just recently finished up the lectures for the current module we are working on and next week (well, this week since that is when you are reading this, lol) we begin applying everything we have learned thus far. So that means I will be meditating roughly around 3 or more times a day on top of my own practice! Then I will teach a class, take a test, and be on my way to  study the next pillar of meditation.

Like I said, it has only been a couple of days but my heart is so full and has so much love for this practice. If someone were to ask me just a few months ago if I would become a Meditation Teacher, I would have said no. Not because I wouldn’t of wanted it (obviously) but because I didn’t think it was even possible! This opportunity literally fell right into my lap and I didn’t even hesitate to hold onto it. I knew this was exactly what I wanted, needed, and what I was suppose to be going after.

These last few months have been amazing and I have gained a new perspective on life. I have changed, evolved, and became the person I only use to dream of. Since opening myself up and tapping into my spirituality, I have had so many blessings come my way just like this one here, and I will be forever grateful for them all.

I won’t be doing a reflection every week just because it’ll get to be a little too much, but I will be updating you throughout this journey on Instagram and there will be more posts on my journey in the future as well. If you have read this far I hope you go after what you truly want and what you dream of doing. Life is too short to play it cool.

P.S. If you are new here and don’t know what meditation is but want to get started, read my article on the practice (Meditation – Connecting To Your True Self) as well as my top tips on meditating (My Top 5 Tips on Meditating)!


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