Lazy Girl Gluten Free Pad Thai – Gluten Free Awareness Month Post #6


Alas, the long anticipated Pad Thai recipe I have been raving about! I am here to FINALLY give it to you guys for post #6 of Gluten Free Awareness Month.

I am calling this my “Lazy Girl Pad Thai” because well, quite frankly, it takes about 30 minutes to make and it is the most simplest form of pad Thai there is! AND it is healthy! (Of course).

Like most of my recipes, this was inspired by my ever dying love for food ❤ I never truly had traditional pad Thai because of my gluten allergy but I always wanted to try it! So, one day for dinner I said to my fiancé, “I want pad thai! Let’s make it!”. I completely made the recipe last minute off the top of my head. Since then I had made it three other times and the fourth time I NAILED it!

I will warn you, it is SUUUUPER simple. It does not have peanut sauce, or peanuts, or eggs, or chicken. Basically, just the basic ingredients that make it able to be called pan Thai, LOL. So if you are looking for traditional tasting pad thai, you probably won’t want to make this. However, it is pretty damn tasty so you should make it anyway!


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Lazy Girl Gluten Free Pad Thai

*makes about 4 servings*



Wok pan or a really large/deep, frying pan

Rice noodles (rice noodles are usually gluten free but double check if they are)

Frozen bad of Asian stir fry veggies


Avocado oil

1/2 cup of Gluten free sot sauce/tamari sauce

1/4 cup of honey

Dash of red pepper flakes

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

1 teaspoon of cilantro

Juice from a lime (I used 2 drops of Young Living Lime essential oil)



Begin by filling a large pot with the whole box of rice noodles. Fill the pot with a little avocado oil and just enough water to cover the noodles. Let them soak in the water while you prepare the stir fry. (I discovered allowing them to soak in the water and oil helps break them apart and that way they do not stick as much).


On medium heat, in the wok pan, cover the bottom with avocado oil and water (this ensures dos ticking and helps steam the frozen veggies faster)


Add in the soy sauce and honey. Once the honey is melted and mixed in with the soy sauce, add in the red pepper, garlic, and cilantro. Mix and let simmer for a minute.


Carefully empty the whole bag of frozen Asian story fry into the wok pan.

Cover with a lid and cook until veggies are tender and have absorbed the flavor.



While the stir fry is cooking, go back to tending to the noodles. You’ll want to stir them around before cooking them.

Once soaked, cooked the noodles according to the box.

Drain and add the noodles to the wok pan.


Mix. Mix. Mix.

Serve warm and ENJOY!

*Feel free to add scrambled egg to yours or some type of chicken!*

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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