Photo Diary – Highwood Mountains 2017

You guys…the weather here in Montana has been SO BEAUTIFUL, like 55-70 degrees F with sunny skies, beautiful. And if you know anything about this state you know it’s not always the warmest. With that said, you bet I have been taking full advantage of the sunshine.

A perk of living here though, is when it is actually warm outside the possibilities for hiking are endless. We’re in the freaking Rockies, what more could you want?! Mark and I have gone hiking 3 times (if you include the time we hiked 5 miles to find a land line…damn flat tire). And we have been recently loving Highwood Mountains.

Highwood is mainly a campground surrounded by mountains; on the left side of the mountains it is vast and open, and the right side of the mountains it is very dense and covered in trees. We were lucky enough to have hiked both sides and each are equally breath taking.

I have put together a photo diary to share some of the adventure with you. This place is SO gorgeous and we will definitely be back!


*These first photos are from our first trip*



















*Here starts the photos from our second/third trip*








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