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I’m all about getting the nutrients my body needs through the foods I eat, that is why I eat whole foods that aren’t filled with toxins. I’m only human so of course I ‘slip up’ and fall ‘off track’ but I make sure when I do it doesn’t ruin everything I’ve worked so hard for. With that said, sometimes my body has some gaps that need to be filled and the only way to make sure those gaps get filled are through supplements.

Now some may question “why?” if I eat so healthy. Well here’s the thing, sometimes no matter how much nutrients we give our bodies through the foods we eat, it just isn’t enough. Or in my case, and it’s the same for many others, our bodies are fighting back what we put in. For me it’s my Celiac disease.

I have only been diagnosed with Celiac disease just over 2 years now but I have been affected by SO many other factors (we’ll get into that another day). With that said, my body needs a little help from additional supplements. Like I said, I’m human. I’m not perfect.

*cue the long list of several vitamins and supplements I’ve tried over the years*

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Care/of Vitamins

Luckily for me I happened to stumble across this AMAZING company called Care of. Truth be told, what really caught my eye was that they personalize your order with your name printed on the product…SOLD. Lol, but really. Care of is a monthly vitamin subscription that personalizes what vitamins and supplements your body needs. You go on their website, take a short quiz on you and your body, and they generate recommended vitamins you should be taking! Or you can pick and choose which vitamins you prefer. For me, I knew I had to be taking specific vitamins for my health so I added and took away accordingly.

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So not only is Care of 100% personalized for you and your body’s needs, the packaging is superior…and let’s be real, good quality branding makes all the difference!

If you’re not convinced yet, continue reading…

The vitamins they supply you are also high in quality just like everything else. When you receive your vitamins they even come along with nutrition facts for each supplement so you know EXACTLY what  you are putting into that precious body of yours. Companies that aren’t afraid to show you what’s really in their products is something I can hop on board with!

Still not intrigued? Don’t worry, I got more for ya…

Think about how many vitamins and supplements you take. Now think about the amount of money you spend each month on those said vitamins. I know for me, one vitamin alone costs about $20-$30, and I take 4 vitamins total everyday. So I was averaging on $50+ a month just for vitamins. The great thing about Care of is they price your order by the stand alone pill. What that means is you pay for the vitamin itself, not $40 for a container of 10. For a better example, I take a multi-vitamin everyday, Care of charges me $15 for the whole month. Thats about $0.50 a pill! For someone like me who takes multiple vitamins a day I saved roughly $15 a month by choosing Care of…and they get sent to your house so there’s no more running out or forgetting them at the store!

Aside from the products they offer, Care of is great all around. Their customer service is second to none and they always have the best communication regarding any problems with my orders.

To order, go to this link.


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