March 2017 Favorites

I am very excited to be sharing this post with you guys as it was one of my favorite posts I’ve written thus far! I am so excited because this post is all about my favorite products from the month of March! And I love nothing more than sharing all of my favorite things with you guys!

Although these are things that I use daily and will most likely always love, they have especially made an impact on my life in the last month.

I have SO MUCH to share from March that I had to seriously narrow it down to can’t-live-without favorites. I have beauty and skin care products, supplements, and all the drinks!

March 2017 Favorites


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. You guys…this stuff is AMAZING. I will be making a post all about the benefits of collagen and why I use it, but for now research it, you won’t regret it and your body will thank you! I take 2 scoops of this each morning in my bulletproof coffee and it makes ALL the difference. Especially for someone like me who isn’t a huge fan of coffee.

Ghee. Another AMAZING dietary need of mine. I have 3 jars because I am crazy about it. AND people who are lactose intolerant like me don’t have to worry! This brand is by far my favorite, I mean look at that flavor, Madagascar Vanilla Bean. It smells and taste like a buttery cupcake! I also put this in my coffee for it’s amazing health benefits.

La Croix. The bougie-est (yeah, I just made up that word, whatevs) flavored sparkling water of them all. But this flavor is the BOMB. Cherry Lime. SOOOO good.


Cocokind. All natural. No toxins. No chemicals. These little sticks of goodness are made from coconut oil and other nutrient rich foods. Macabeet provides tinted moisture for your lips and cheeks, Turmeric is a spot treatment, and last, my holy grail…My Matcha is for all over moisture; I use it solely under my eyes because it also helps with dark spots as well!

Mario Badescu rosewater spray. I have used facial sprays for a long time now but this one has become my all time favorite. I mainly use it to set my make-up; it gives it a glowy look while keeping my face hydrated and my make-up in tact!

Mario Badescu Healing and Soothing Mask. I love MB products, can ya tell? I got this one a little while back when I was having trouble with my skin. I use it 1-2x a week and it is very delicate and light on the skin.

Young Living Mirah Shave Oil. DUH, like I wasn’t going to put essential oils in here. HA! Let’s be real, all YL products are my favorites but I have recently fallen in love with this shave oil. Not only do I use it to shave but I also use it as a perfume. It has a nice floral scent and is sooooo good for the skin. And it’s made from high quality essential oils so there are no harsh chemicals or fragrances.


Care/of. This is a monthly pill subscription and I will have a post this week all about the company and details on their products. Having these so readily available makes taking vitamins 10x easier and it saves me a lot of money.

Cora tampons. You guys know about this company and products if you read my last post. This is a tampon subscription that not only supplies you with toxic free tampons but they also give a girl in need feminine hygiene products for each month you buy! How awesome is that?!


Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)!



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