Loving Your Period- Cora Tampons

Let’s talk periods! Yes, I said it, PERIOD. You know the slight bit of hell that us women go through each month to let us know we aren’t pregnant? Yeah, that’s it.

By just reading those first few sentences how many of you feel maybe a little uncomfortable or embarrassed? It’s totally fine if you do, I use to too! But let me show you that it’s totally natural to love your period, okay not love it, but to not be ashamed of it anymore!

For as long as I can remember, well since I got my first period, a woman’s menstrual cycle has been kept quiet and rarely ever talked about. Most women feel embarrassed when talking about their periods, men are suppose to be disgusted by them, and society should just not even speak, think, or believe in them…..but WHY?!

It’s 2017, and it’s time to put the taboo of periods to rest and start talking about them and the many products used during that time of month!

Us women in America are very fortunate to have access to many different options when it comes to having our periods. Tampons, pads, IUD’s to skip out on even having your period, etc. etc. the list goes on. Did you know that several women living in different countries miss out on education and work due to their periods? Those women are at a high disadvantage because they do not have access to feminine hygiene products like we do in America.


Loving Your Period- Cora Tampons

Luckily for myself, you, and now those other women outside of the U.S., we have a chance to use high quality feminine hygiene products! And we have the amazing company, Cora, to thank for that!

If you’re an avid follower of my content, Instagram or my posts on here, then you already know I only use high quality products that aren’t toxic, are chemical free, and safe for me and my body. Cora tampons give me more than that!

Cora is a monthly tampon subscription that supplies you with organic cotton tampons, and for every monthly supply of Cora you purchase, they give a supply of menstrual products to a girl in need. Now how AWESOME is that? Pretty freaking awesome if I do say so myself.


When choosing which subscription works best for you there are many different options and each order is designed specifically for you and your period. When you subscribe to Cora you receive the amount of tampons you chose in your subscription; they are 100% premium organic tampons in a BPA free applicator. You also receive little stowaways for emergencies and/or sharing and a black vegan leather clutch to store your tampons in. And what’s even cooler is the tampons come in the cutest little black box that you don’t have to hide underneath the sink in your bathroom!

I have been using Cora for about 2 months now and absolutely LOVE the company and their products. Caring about what I put inside of my body is more than just what I eat or what body wash I use. It’s about making sure I cover all of my bases and only use products that are high quality AND have a mission behind what they do.

Being embarrassed about your period is so overrated and Cora gives you all the reasons to love your time of month!


As one of Cora’s first members, they were kind enough to give me little something to share with you too! Use the code “devon7107” to receive ONE MONTH FREE! Simply go to this link!

Making the change to toxic free tampons was one of my best decisions yet and as I continue down this path of self love and holistic health I want to share as much as I can. So please, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me!

Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)!



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