Meditation – Connecting To Your True Self

I want to talk about something that I hold very close to me and that has changed my life in the best way possible. Not only has it changed my life, but the lives of others as well. This ‘something’ that I want to discuss is most likely a word you’ve all heard before. In fact, you probably already have it figured out by the title of this post. That something is meditation.

Meditation- Connecting To

Your True Self

For starters, if there is anything I want you to take away from this post, it is that meditation is something you will always have with you, something you always had with you and will continue to into the future. Forget any myths you may have stuck in your head, forget what social media and society tells you, and even forget what Google tells you. Meditation, in my own words, is a deep state of peace you reach through the focus of your breath.

Meditation is the deepest way to connect to your inner, most true self. And all it takes is focusing on your own breath. It isn’t emptying out your brain or washing away all of your thoughts. It isn’t standing on your head with your hands folded in prayer. Meditation is choosing to exist. When you choose to meditate, you are choosing to exist in the present moment. No matter what your intention may be, because there are several, you are bringing your attention to the present moment. You are using your breath to bring yourself into the now.

We use our breath to reach this state of peace because it acts as a guide. When we inhale we can envision all the good flowing into our body and when we exhale we are pushing out any bad energy or thoughts we may have been holding onto. We use our breath to relax our bodies. To re-center and re-focus. And the greatest gift about that is, our breath is always with us. Our breath has always been with us, and it will continue to be with us. You can come back to your breath at anytime. Meditation will always be there for you.

By actively bringing yourself into the present moment you are not only choosing to exist but you are looking deeper into yourself. You are becoming mindful of what you feel in the now and fine tuning those intuitive feelings.

Additionally, there are several ways to meditate. Although most meditations include mindfulness, there are many other types such as meditation for gratitude, anxiety, manifestation, just to name a few.

This may sound totally ‘hippy dippy’ to some of you and I completely get that. I was once a little skeptical and it is not my place to encourage you to do something you are not comfortable with. However, by meditating, and tuning into your inner most true self, you will discover things you didn’t even know existed about yourself. It makes you look at life (and yourself of course) in a different light. So next time you are frustrated at work, rushed in traffic, or anxious take a moment and pause, inhale, exhale, repeat.


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