Montana Living – One Month In

For those of you who don’t know, my fiancé and I moved across the country from Pennsylvania to Montana! You’re probably thinking, “What?? Why Montana?” Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret, we didn’t willingly choose this state. My fiancé is in the Air Force and he had gotten orders back in November, so here we are, in Montana.


Although we did not choose to live here we are embracing our life to fullest out in the North West. Luckily for us we love the outdoors, hiking, and all things wilderness so basically we are in heaven…kind of, not really. It’s super cold out here and it snows way too much for my liking. But we are learning to live with it.


As I am writing this, it has been just over a month since we moved into our new home (yes, we are first time homeowners (AHHHH!!!)) and I have compiled a list of things I’ve learned living out on the prairie.

1. Yes, we do in fact, live out on the prairie

2. If you don’t believe me, our water company is even called “Prairie Water Company”

3. And yes, we have to haul our own water

4. It is 30 degrees or below 70% of the time

5. Which means it snows about 2-3x a week

6. We live in the Rocky Mountains!!!

7. The scenery is breathtaking

8. There are about 10 “casinos” about every mile

9. And I say “casinos” with “ because well they aren’t anything you would see in Vegas

10. Everything is 15 minutes driving distance, literally

11. I bet you didn’t guess that that means we live in a SMALL town

12. Everything is closed on Sunday’s

13. They cook and smother everything in butter

14. They don’t get the concept of food allergies

15. Did I mention it’s cold all the time?

16. The air is SO dry

17. It’s impossible to sleep without a humidifier

18. This state is a death trap for anyone with asthma

19. The wildlife is kick-ass

20. And the people…they are so nice

21. East Coasters are rude stuck up assholes compared to the general population out here

22. Our neighbors have horses, dogs, and roosters

23. Oh, and people also have an accent that’s half southern half Canadian

24. One word…HUCKLEBERRY EVERYTHING (okay that was two words)

25. Chinook winds are a real thing

26. You either learn to drive in the snow or you don’t drive at all

27. There’s no snow days

28. Cowboys

29. Everything thing is so fresh because we live on the prairie and everyone farms.


I could probably come up with way more things I have learned but you get the idea. We may have only been here for a month but it sure feels like a lot longer. I’m itching for warmer weather so I can explore more and see what this state really has to offer. Until then, you can find me warm inside, on my couch listening to the rooster.


Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)!



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